BANGART aims the presentation of cultural contents in a creative and irreverent manner, promoting activities that create added value for society.
With an attitude of democratization of knowledge, BANGART seeks to transform Braga in an epicenter of creativity, holding conferences, exhibitions and debates.
The main initiative of BANGART is the biennial BANG!! which functions as a center that showcases young emerging talents, still leveraging the synergies between universities, corporations and other entities.
With a multidisciplinary perspective, BANGART areas of activity are architecture, design and art, sharing an integrated vision that aims to surprise!


It is from Braga and fundamentally for Braga that we develop our activity in order to shake its cultural agenda and awaken the young artistic movement of this city.

With a nonconformist attitude, we always try to innovate, in order to promote and enhance the city and its emerging talents.

Therefore, we seek the best references in different areas, making them available to Braga society to absorb all their knowledge and can take advantage of it.


  • JOÃO MACEDOArchitect

    João Nuno Macedo is an architect, residing in Braga. Obtains degree in architecture from ULVNF, complete their master’s thesis focusing on “urban acupuncture as a process of revitalization and regeneration of the city” in 2014. From 2010 to 2013 he was president of the Core of Architecture and Arts of ULF (NAAULF). Since 2011 he collaborates with various architectural projects and also in the realization of numerous works in graphic design. “It’s complicated at 26 years old to think architecture, for the constant diversity of choices that our thinking allows us, but I see architecture as the perfection of the passage of one idea or a dream for experienced and pure matter. Skip the dream to its solid state”. Integrates BANGART – Artistic and Cultural Association, a non-profit, since 2014, of which he is executive director.


    Develops his work with great passion, seeking to combine innovation and seduction to awaken emotions. He is passionate about the arts, architecture, music and design. “The architectural dimension and its influence in the field of tourism” is the theme of his Masters dissertation that he developed during his training in architecture. Interned at Imago – studio of architecture and engineering, Cerejeira Fontes Architects. He is a Co-founder of BANGART – a non-profit, artistic and cultural association of which he is president. Currently he is dedicated to the exercise of his activity as architect and with the organization of cultural initiatives within the BANGART.


    Sandro Ferreira is an architect and creative director, residing in Braga. Obtains degree in Architecture from ULVNF, concludes his master’s thesis on the theme sensory architecture in 2010. In 2011 starts his solo activity, and gets entirely dedicated to architecture. With over five years of project experience, design and project coordination, he is responsible for the signature of numerous spaces, marked by a clean, sober and modern language, that digs deeper than the surface. In 2012, in partnership with Vitor Ferreira, founded BANGART – a non-profit, artistic and cultural association of which he is creative director.